By In Illuminate Your Path Posted June 26, 2012

It Can All Change In An Instant

Recently I was reviewing items posted on TED – Ideas Worth Spreading, and listened to a speech given by Ric Elias. Mr. Elias had a front row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in New York City in January 2009.

Ric discussed what went through his mind as he braced himself seconds before the plane hit the water.

Things I Did Not Do. Items on my Bucket List were not even close to being checked off—Things I want to do in life … People I want to reach out to … Experiences I want to have. “I no longer want to postpone anything in life – there is a renewed sense of urgency – purpose — in everything I do.”

Time Wasted. Regretted the time I wasted in things that did not matter and not with people who matter — relationship with my wife … family … friends … professional colleagues. “I now eliminate negative energy from my life. I no longer have to be right and choose to be happy.”

Goal in Life. Did my life make a difference? “I finally figured out what my main goal in life was – being a great Dad. My only goal in life is being a great Dad!”

Ric’s experience provides “gems” that we all can use in our daily lives:

Don’t Postpone – Eliminate Negative Energy – and allow your life to Make a Difference.

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