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Powered By Purpose – Start With WHY.

Why are some leaders and organizations able to inspire loyalty and engagement among their customers and employees?   Great and inspiring leaders and organizations think, act and communicate in a similar manner.

Every organization functions on three levels: What they do; How they do it; and Why they do it. When those three pieces are aligned, it provides a foundation for building trust.  When all three pieces are in balance, others will say, “We know who you are,” — “We know what you stand for.”

Every organization knows WHAT they do – they sell certain products or provide services to their customers.  Most organizations also know HOW to do what they do.  This generally refers to their “differentiating value proposition” or “unique selling proposition” – things they feel set them apart from their competition.

Many organizations struggle articulating WHY they do what they do. “Why does your organization exist?”  “Why should that matter to anyone else?”  The ‘Why’ is about an organization’s contribution to impact and serve others .

Most people communicate from the ‘outside-in’ – they go from what is easiest to understand to what is most difficult to understand and explain.  They tell people ‘What’ they do and ‘How’ they are different or better.  Effective leaders and organizations with the capacity to inspire others to take action, communicate from the ‘inside-out’ — they start with ‘Why’.  When they communicate their purpose, they communicate in a way that drives decision-making behavior.

When an organization is clear about its purpose or its WHY, everyone, from employees to customers, can understand it. This clarity invites everyone who interacts with the organization to become champions of the cause.  Ideally, this clarity starts at the top of the organization and moves through the company. It can inspire people to create products, services, solutions and marketing that brings the ‘Why’ to life. When everything you say and do echoes what you believe, you end up with a message that’s loud AND clear – and inspires repeat customers to become loyal customers.

Be the EXCEPTION – start with WHY.

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