By In Illuminate Your Path Posted February 14, 2017

Where Are You Now?

No matter where you are; eating at a restaurant … at a church service …  at a little league baseball game … at a workshop … or in a meeting, you will see people who “are not there”.  Their bodies are there, but their minds and spirits are trafficking in a world far away.  They are: reviewing emails, watching YouTube, checking their Twitter feed, Facebook posts or other social media.

We can’t be in two places at the same time.  When you switch your attention to a ‘device’, you leave your surroundings and the people you are with.  Every time the phone  – rings, dings, flashes, or buzzes in your pocket,  your mind is removed from the world in front of you to the wonderment of some virtual land far, far away.

Some argue that the ‘wireless world’ has allowed us to stay more connected – and – closer to each other.  I would suggest that it has allowed us to keep each other at an ‘emotional distance’.  In essence, we have used technology for relationships while also using technology to ‘protect’ ourselves from those relationships.

A commitment of time is critical to building any relationship.  Technology has changed the game.  Today, you can be spending time with someone you love or care about, but not really be there.  Time and ATTENTION are now key ingredients to cultivating any relationship.  Make the ‘main thing’ the Main Thing!  In the end, what matters the most will be the attention we share with those who mean the most

Be the EXCEPTION, invest time and your attention to the people you are with – not your device.

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