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What’s Your Story?

I really connect with people who are transparent, honest and willing to be vulnerable.  I especially love to hear people share their ‘life story’. We learn from stories and in most cases, it deepens our relationships with one another.

Each of our stories has a unique beginning. My story started differently than yours, and yours began differently than everyone else’s. But regardless of how our stories began, each of us lives out the story of our life every day.

If you’re like me, you don’t stop very often to think about “the story of my life.” You’re too busy living it! But recognizing the pattern of events in your life, the ebbs and flows of your story, can provide invaluable prospective and allow you to make wiser decisions in the future.

About eight years ago (after a ‘life defining moment’), I decide to a “deep dive” into my life; habits, relationships, how I spent my time, and really examined “my story” in vivid detail.  I decide to write it out.  The process took time, but it has provided invaluable insights.

One of the key benefits resulting from thoughtful reflection is: when you understand how ‘negative patterns’ from your past may be influencing your present, you have the power to make different choices and better decisions.

Reflection may also give you a clearer understanding of which changes can be made and which cannot.  Reflection can become a guide to making wise decisions as you move forward.

If someone asked you to tell your story, what would you say?

Be the EXCEPTIONshare your story.

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