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Desire For Greatness

I believe that inside each of us is a seed or a desire for greatness.  It is depended on us how we invest in our talents whether they become great talents that not only benefit us directly but also benefit those around us.

Consider the following.  Lux Narayan manages a company that focuses on future insights that marketers can derive from past data.  Mr. Narayan was featured in a recent TED Talk entitled “What I Have Learned From 2,000 Obituaries” (watch and listen to the talk here).  Lux analyzed the data of 2,000 editorial, non-paid obituaries over a 20-month period between 2015 and 2016. What did these 2,000 deaths – lives – teach us?  Lux provided the following summary:

The exercise was a fascinating testament to the kaleidoscope that is life, and even more fascinating was the fact that the overwhelming majority of obituaries featured people famous and non-famous, who did seemingly extraordinary things. They made a positive dent in the fabric of life. They helped.”

Jon Gordon in his book, The Seed, offers four (4) stages that everyone who pursues greatness will go through during their journey.

Preparation.  You have to prepare and embrace the process that leads to improvement and growth.  In other words, one must be dedicated to intentional personal growth on a daily basis.

Plant Seeds.  Share your talents where you are and allow yourself – and your talents – to be used for a greater purpose beyond yourself.  You decide to serve ‘WE’ instead of ‘ME’.

Prune & Grow.   During this time you will experience success and – yes – some failures (pruning).  A key aspect of the growth stage is pruning.  Like a bush, pruning is required in order to help you grow more fully – and vibrantly.

Harvest.  This is the point in time that you reap the benefits of all your hard work.  When you harvest fruit from the seeds you planted and leave a legacy that many will admire and model.

What seeds are you planting?  What are you harvesting?

Be the EXCEPTIONPrepare … Plant Seeds … Prune & Grow … Harvest.

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