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It is usually what you do after you have done enough that really matters.  It is the MORE that makes an impression.  Enough – is NOT enough – anymore.

The world is a crowded, noisy and hyper stimulated environment.  We are interacting with people, communicating and conducting business at a high volume and at a rapid pace all day – every day – most of which is a blur – an unmemorable blasé blur.

You will be surprised the number of encounters (emails, texts, social media messages, etc.), that you will not even remember; they will have zero impression on your mind, emotions and future.  They were NOT memorable.

To be memorable you have to do MORE.

Doing more does not require a tremendous effort or a ‘grand jester’.  All is needed is smiling; more than you have to.  Being friendlier; more than you have to.  Saying thank you; more than you have to.  Sending a personal note more often or making a personal phone call more frequently.

Enough is not enough.  In order to stand out and make an impact — to be memorable – you have to do MORE.

Be the EXCEPTIONDO more … BE more … GIVE more … than ever before.

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