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The definition of an obstacle is a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress. Every day we face obstacles – no one can avoid them – and they will be appearing frequently along our path of life. How we deal with obstacles can determine our ultimate destiny. In the moment – even the smallest obstacle can make one feel that your world is coming to an end.

Some time ago I read a quote (not sure who said it) that has stuck with me and kicks in when that “voice” in my head says to quit or give up: “Not Dead … Can’t Quit!

Remembering that phrase reminds me to:

Get A Grip” – I am not special in regards to obstacles and gain perspective how fortunate I really am.

Control the Controllables” – If I can’t control it – let it go.

Ask For Help”- Asking for help helps me and empowers others because they feel that they are important as a result of helping me and adding value.

Keep Moving!” – It is all we can do – but it’s enough.

Not Dead … Can’t Quit!

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